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Is there any progress in fixing the errors in the credit reports that Quicken produces? It tells me that I have half a million dollars in credit card debt. I have checked with all 3 major credit agencies and they report the right amount (a few hundred). This is not a problem with the credit agencies - it is a problem in Quicken. Any action being taken?


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    Perhaps is your mortgage being included in your credit card debt?
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    This would not give this combined total - and anyway, a mortgage is not a credit card. The 3 major credit rating agencies get it right - I have checked. Quicken is drawing from Equifax but the Quicken algorithm is tangling things up. Equifax have explained to me that they can't fix the confusion that Quicken is adding to their data.
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    Yeah the last two reports in Quicken have been all jacked up with incorrect Credit Card totals. And yes, my mortgage is incorrectly being included as part of the credit card balance. It would be nice for less blaming/deflecting and more solving on this issue. Quicken handled this report integration properly for years and I have confidence if someone looks at it, they can get it working again.
  • Same issue here. Credit report showing over $250,000 credit card debt. I have 0 credit card debt. Accounts are paid in full each month and have been for over 30 years. Its tiresome to have to "Rent" a program that continuously displays incorrect information. As an aside, all 3 credit reports reflect a correct rating and no credit card debt. Its a Quicken Issue.
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