Every Action Requires Switching to Something Else to Update Registers, Charts, Etc

Hello. I am a 20-year user and currently use R39.23 Build on Windows 10 Enterprise. Right now, just about everything I do in Quicken no longer updates as it used to.

EXAMPLE 1: My checking account current holds $2728. I just created a fake hand-entered deposit of $7. In the register, I see the appropriate increase to $2,735. However, the balance in the account list remains $2,728 when it used to change. If I run an Account Balances report, it shows $2,735. When I go back to the account list AFTER running the report, the account list is now updated.

EXAMPLE 2: I'm in a Projected Balances view, showing the 30 day view. I select the "Next 12 Months" view from the pick list in the upper right. Nothing happens. I switch away to "My Home" and come back to the Projected Balances view and the view is now set to 12 months.

EXAMPLE 3: I download transactions from Fidelity. I accept them into my brokerage account. I hit "Done" and the red flag next to the account remains in the account list. I come back another time and the Done button is there again, and the flag will not go away. It is very frustrating to half to switch to other views and reports just to get things to update, and to sometimes not have them update at all.

Can you provide any help?
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