Error 232-A when I sync my Oregon State Credit Union accounts

Starting 3 days ago have not been able to sync my OSCU accounts. The error comes up 232-A. I tried to follow the procedure to update the financial info and it didn't work.


  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @celiaerion,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    If the troubleshooting instructions found in this support article fail to resolve the error for you, then as stated at the bottom of the article; you will need to contact Quicken Support directly for further assistance.

    Our support agents will need to collect and review your log files and may be required to file an escalation if they see fit.

    We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
  • celiaerion
    celiaerion Member
    I have contacted OSCU and they checked my account and said that it was not locked. I then tried the sync and an error 334-A came up. When I tried the fix-it, I put in my password, which it accepted but when I put my password to confirm it rejected it.
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