I converted a bill to check pay, now cannot find it!

I converted a bill to check pay and now I can not find it anywhere in my Bills and Income. Where can I find it now?


  • NotACPA
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    HOW did you do that conversion?  What "check pay"?  Quicken's?  You bank's? Paper check?
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  • Mark S. Baker
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    In Quicken Bill Pay; Action, next to the bill I clicked on the down arrow then clicked on Convert To Payee. I had just previously set the Bill up in Check Pay. I thought this would allow me to log it as paid via Funds transfer but the bill disappeared. It shows a deficit in the projected balances but does not show up in account transactions log. I see the bill in the loan set up but not anywhere in the Bills, income & Transfers Tab. Checked the Manage Manual Bills and Income and nothing. Rebooted the software and computer still nothing.
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