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The "amount invested" in terms of actual dollars invested vs. current value when exchanging in/out of one security to another is counted twice (once when you Bought the security and a second time when you exchanged it for another security). There's not currently a category for an Exchange.

I would like to have another category to accurately record an exchange so it doesn't count those dollars twice in the investing portfolio view for the amount invested column. Unfortunately the actions remove/add are not able to do that and the only current way to manipulate the amount invested calculation is to use the reinvested income action because it excludes reinvested income in the calculation. Unfortunately that creates misstatements in other areas.
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    I have the same problem. Amount invested appears to maintain all purchase transactions but does not remove the sale, exchange or transfer transactions.
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    The issue here is Quicken's definition of Amount Invested at the account level. As you have found, it is not the same as the amount you have added to an account, or your cost basis. It is useful mainly as an input to other calculations for individual securities.

    Please review this discussion for more information:
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