The scheduled mortgage payment is showing incorrect amount in my payment register

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The line amount for the scheduled loan is showing an incorrect amount that is higher than the actual payment amount. When I select the line to edit, it shows the correct amount due. When I use the enter transaction it shows the correct amount. The loan payment on the liability account shows the correct amount due. It is only wrong on the line in the checking account register used to track payments.


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    Hi @Velinaw2,

    I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by "The line amount for the scheduled loan", but I think you may be talking about the "bill reminder" - do I have that right?  If so, you can edit it to show the correct amount.

    If it is something else, perhaps you can attach a screen-shot of what you are seeing and just "drag & drop" it into your reply message.



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  • Velinaw2
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    Yes, I am referring to the reminder. The amount on the reminder total when clicked to edit reflects the correct amount. The individual split lines on the reminder add up to the correct amount. However, when reminder is displayed as a line item in the register used to track checking account payments, it is showing a different amount which is impacting the balance that is displayed for the account.
  • Velinaw2
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    Copy of the loan payment reminder edit screen showing correct amount and line item under it showing incorrect amount. Differences in the amounts are circled yellow in addition to the impacted balances.
  • UKR
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    Thanks for the image, but it doesn't help much.
    Please drill down to the Split transaction detail window so we can see the splits for principal, interest, optional additional principal and escrow withholdings. Do these splits match your expected monthly payment details?
  • Velinaw2
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    Yes the split adds up to the correct total. It's only on the register line that the amount displayed for the reminder is incorrect.
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