Snowbirds -- how to keep Quicken Current

My wife and I are becoming snowbirds spending 6 months in Florida and 6 months in New England. Our plan is to have computers in both locations. How do we best keep utilizing Quicken ? We have 100% of our finances on Quicken, budgets, credit card transactions , investments etc.

I am not convinced that mobile will meet our needs.


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    When you leave either location, save a Q backup to a USB drive and then RESTORE it to the other computer when you arrive there.  Reverse the procedure when you travel the other direction.
    I did this for many years when I was traveling each week for business.
    BTW, if you're traveling between New England and Florida, why are you running Q Canada?  Are your banks/cards/etc in Canada?
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    We are Snowbirds living 6 months in Canada and six months in the US. Just to keep our finances completely separate and to be able to download country specific bank and credit card accounts, we use both American and Canadian versions of Quicken - one on a desktop and the other on a laptop. When we leave one country, we take a backup of the desktop QW and the original Quicken data file on a USB drive and then copy the data file from the USB drive to the desktop upon arrival in the next country. Works like a charm and if there are any issues, we have the QW backup to use.