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It would be helpful if we could display subcategories in the Account Bar, such as Checking, Savings, Cash, etc under Banking.  I have seen a lot of posts asking how to do this.
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  • NotACPA
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    Accounts NEVER have "sub-categories". Only Categories have sub-categories.
    And, in Q, there's no such thing as a Sub-account ... so I have no idea what you're asking.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    @lsrothstein24 is what  you are asking for something like the account groups discussed here?

    If so, we can request that your Idea be merged with that one.
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I simply put the account type in the name of the account. I have accounts named "B of A Checking", "B of A Savings", "Cash", "Fidelity Joint Brokerage", etc. Spending and Savings accounts are separated by a horizontal line. The order of the accounts in the Account Bar can be rearranged (clumsily) in the Account List.
    Does this not get you close enough to what you want? If not, please elaborate further.
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  • lsrothstein24
    lsrothstein24 Windows Beta Beta
    I have also done this, and it sorts correctly, but I'd like the subcategories grouped and separated.

  • I also see "sub-categories" as useful inside of BANK accounts. For example.... in my personal account, I live on 60% of my income, and set aside (but leave in my bank other things) 10% to tithing, 10% to long-term savings, 10% to short-term savings, and 10% to philanthopy. I would love to be able to put the money into these subcategories within my BANK ACCOUNT, because the money is still there, it is just allocated to specific categories to write checks with laterr, or place into the "spendable" area of the account. QUICKEN really should make this a possible feature. That way, you can still balance your bank statements without messing with your subcategories.
  • volvogirl
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    Sounds like you need to use Savings Goals.  Search for it.  Turn on Savings Goals.  Be sure the Planning tab is turned on:

    View -> Tabs to show -> Planning

  • jerry44
    jerry44 Unconfirmed, Member
    QuickBooks has the sub account feature you're looking for - it's simple and works really well - in transactions you put primaryaccount:subaccount and everything works, money goes into and out of the correct sub account - it allows one bank account to be used for multiple purposes and still allows reconcile to work - I don't see why Quicken doesn't implement this feature - I'm looking at Quicken right now due to the high subscription cost for QuickBooks that they have implemented
  • Jim_Harman
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    edited November 2022
    @jerry44, it sounds like what you are asking for is what Quicken calls Categories. "Accounts" in Quicken refer to actual bank, credit card, and investing accounts.

     "Categories" are for types of income and expenses, such as salary, rent, taxes, groceries, etc. You would ordinarily assign a Category to each income and expense transaction. Quicken comes with a built-in set of Categories, and you can also set up your own Categories and Subcategories. Confusingly, accounting software like Quickbooks calls these Accounts.

     You can reconcile your accounts in Quicken independent of what Categories you have assigned to the transactions in them.
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  • NotACPA
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    Let's start with the title of this thread is oxymoronic.
    Accounts are not categories.
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  • UKR
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    I do believe the OP is asking for an enhancement to the Quicken for Windows Account Sidebar.
    In Quicken for Windows, the Account Sidebar groups accounts by account type. Here's an example from my Test file:

    There's only one level of subtotaling under the Banking section. Checking accounts, savings accounts and credit cards are grouped separately, but they are only separated by a thin, barely visible grey horizontal line.
    If I understand the OP's request correctly, he would like to see subtotals, e.g.,
    "Checking accounts $xxxx.xx",
    "Savings accounts   $xxxx.xx",
    etc., similar to what already exists in Quicken Mac:
    (This example copied from the Q Mac Quick Start Guide)

    My 2cents' worth:
    It might be nice to see subtotals for all accounts of a subgroup, with amounts converted to the Home Currency.
    But ... adding a number of subtotals to the view makes the view much longer. For users with many accounts, this might make the sidebar too long to fit within your Quicken window height and now require scrolling to the sections nearer the bottom of the sidebar. There have already been complaints about the sidebar being too long for some users.
    IMHO, if the programmers do decide to add subtotals by group, it should be made a configurable option.
    If the sidebar is longer than one screen height, the sidebar should auto-scroll up or down to show the selected account register.