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I have a .csv file that I use regularly to import security prices. There are 25 securities listed in 25 rows with associated values in second column. The import works perfectly for the first 24 securities but Q2017 will not import the 25th. If I create a test file with just the 25th security, Q2017 says the file is unreadable. The security symbol is NAC.


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    I suggest you make certain the last line of the CSV file is terminated with a carriage return and new line (CRLF).
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    I corrected your title to accurately reflect your topic
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    Sherlock - Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that did not resolve my problem. I was able to find a workaround, however, by formatting the last row of the .csv as text (all cells were formatted General). Not sure why this worked but it did.
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    Interesting, because CSV files are only supposed to be text.
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