Fantastic Transaction

Quicken has inserted a transaction in an AMEX account citing a payor that I would have dealt with over 20 years ago but is no longer found in my Quicken file. The date is the current date but is inserted last December. the amount is almost $36 MILLION! I am unable to delete or make any changes to the transaction. This, of course, has thrown my balances since then off by that amount.
This problem only appeared at the time of my last account download but after all transactions had been accepted.
Has anyone had a similar experience? Thoughts on a fix?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    My thought is "file corruption" so I'd try to validate the file.

  • jbmcclos
    jbmcclos Member
    Interestingly, out of curiosity, I downloaded transactions as of today. The closing balance was still off. Out of further curiosity, I ran a reconcile and to my surprise, it showed the correct balance. When I accepted the reconcile and went back to the account, the running balances since December had been corrected. HOWEVER, the $35 million transaction is still in place in early December but is no longer included in the balances.

    Go figure!
  • jbmcclos
    jbmcclos Member
    But wait! There's more. So I manually entered a new transaction, a payment to the credit card, and, voila, the balance again reflected the $35M transaction. I then opened the reconcile window which showed the correct balance.
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