Changing banks for bill pay

I currently and for 20 years use PNC bank for bill pay. Moving to the Villages in Florida and many banks with lots of branches but PNC isn’t so popular. I have an account with Citizens First but teller and whoever she called wasn’t sure if they support bill pay. I do download transactions but not even sure how to change the bills to a different account in a different bank to pay.
Anyone familiar with changing banks for bill pay? Or bank named Citizens First in Villages Florida?
Thank you


  • Ps56k2
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    just to clarify - do you mean you pay bills directly thru PNC with Quicken - and can see tis on the PNC online website ?
    or - use the Quicken Bill Payment Manager, and PNC is the issuing bank for payments ?
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  • Bakon
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    The second way…sorry if I do t call it by the right terms. I set up the entire bill to be paid on line by Quicken. I do nothing on PNC website.
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