Costco Citibank Visa not allowing updates - CC502 error. Is this them or Quicken?

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Costco Citibank visa


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    Hi @GaryC,

    I haven't seen any other recent reports of folks having CC-502 issues with Costco/Citibank Visa.  However, I suggest that you review (and follow as appropriate) the guidance located at this LINK.

    Let me know how that goes or if you have nay followups.


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    My suggestion would be to switch to Direct Connect, which is much more reliable than Express Web Connect.  My Costco Citibank Visa card is downloading fine.

    You need to use "Citi Cards" instead of "Citibank" for the financial institution and select Direct Connect in the Advanced Options.  Deactivate the account for downloading first and then select Tools -> Add Account...  Type in Citi Cards and select Advanced Options.

    Just before logging in go to this page and authorize it:

    When you get to the dialog that shows the online account be sure to link it to your existing Quicken account.
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