What are all those files in my Quicken folder?

In my Quicken file folder in Windows 10 my current .QDF file resides, but so do ...synclog.dat and ...OFXLOG.dat (the three dots represent the name of my current .QDF file. If I delete these .dat files will new .dat files be generated? Or will my main .QDF file not load?


  • Chris_QPW
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    The OFXLOG.dat and SyncLog.dat are "scrambled" versions of the OFX and Cloud Sync log files that you get if you select Help -> Log Files...

    They are "scrambled" because they contain sensitive information.  When you open them in Quicken with Help -> Log Files... Quicken unscrambles them and shows you to them.

    You can delete them, but they will just get recreated the new time you run One Step Update (with current information).  They are used for debugging problems.
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    As their names suggest, those are log files. Their only use is to diagnose problems. You can delete them but they will return.
    If you don't like them in your data folder, vote for this idea to move them where they belong.
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