Updating "Online Bills" is unreliable

I use autopay (between my bank and the biller) for all my bills. The Online Bills feature is handy for monitoring the amount to be paid, but I find that I get the "Awaiting next bill" message pretty consistently, even when I know the bill has actually been issued. I have to select "Refresh bill" and after a ridiculously long update, it sometimes finds the bill and works correctly, and other times states "Awaiting next bill" and will continue to state this even after the bill gets autopaid. Thankfully, all my billers send an e-mail with the amount, so I'm not flying blind.

I have tried gosh knows how many times to remove the Online Bill and start from scratch in hopes that would help. Maybe it does for a bit, but it always gets fouled again after some period of time.

Bottom line is that the Online Bills is a nice feature, but my experience over the last 5 years or so is that it is not sufficiently reliable, and takes too much manual intervention to get it to update or fix it. At such, I have pretty much deleted every Online Bill out of Quicken; I still have my manual bill reminder, and once I know the bill amount (from reliable e-mails), I just type it in manually each month. It's a shame that I have to do it manually, but it's less manual effort that I was spending to address the unreliable Online Bill feature.


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    I dropped using Online Bills a couple of years ago for the same reasons.  It is a shame that it isn't reliable.

    What really surprises me though is that Quicken Bill Manager is built on this unreliable system.  Some people have found out the hard way that having an unreliable system for paying their bills like this is very costly.
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