Add Crypto as Security Type & Import multiple securities at the same time to get crypto balance

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I currently am tracking my crypto investments on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro by labeling them as securities. However, the same coin can have two different prices at the same time because of the two different exchange. Using a sudo coin XYZ as an example, for Coinbase I have security XYZ and for Coinbase Pro I have security XYZ-USD. Then, using the free Coinbase API and Coinbase Pro API I can get the current price (Stored as Closing Price for today)(Can get full price history on Coinbase Pro). However, since some coins may be significant to 8 decimals I multiply the price by 100 and divide my shares by the same multiplier to get an accurate balance. The transactions are entered manually to track shares, but on Coinbase Pro it would be possible to track trades automatically.

To import the data received from these APIs, I am using Apple Script to read results from a python program. Next, using App Script, I individually open and import the price history data for each currency based on the current price I just obtained. If I could import price history for multiple securities at simultaneously this would allow me to use my script as a true refresh as for all my crypto investments.

Alternatively, I looked into directly editing the data file stored in within the .quicken file on Quicken for Mac, however editing the closing price here only takes affect after Quicken is quit and reopened. If there is a way to force quicken to re-read this data base file that would also help. I was considering looking into the possibility of treating them as online securities so that a download and new price could be expected for the security. As of right now, they are currently being treated as Type - Other and Asset Class - unclassified.

Also, It would then also be nice to filter them by "Crypto" rather than "Other" for their type. This type could potentially expect changes to the data file when the refresh button is clicked.

I would also like to suggest the ability to directly provide a url in the form:

Coinbase: ""

and for

Coinbase Pro: ""

where json is returned and can be read fairly easily with Coinbase Pro needing to get {price: XYZ-USD} and Coinbase needing to get users currency for example {|data|: {rates: {USD: XYZ price}}}.

Users could also describe the returned data or based on the url it could be included in Quicken code.

This would then request the data for all the url based securities when the refresh button is clicked. Giving an accurate method to track crypto currencies.
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    I am not sure if I should make a second idea post for the URL aspect of this post.
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    At this point, Quicken doesn't really support cryptocurrencies. They are working on a stated goal of updating all their programs (Mac, Windows, mobile) to handle 8-digits of precision required for accurately tacking cryptocurrencies. After that is complete, they will hopefully add price tracking for at least the major cryptocurrencies, and adding it as a separate asset class. How they will implement price updates is unknown and still down the road a bit, but it most likely will not be allowing users to specify a URL; they will engage a third-party data provider to obtain and download that information, just as they do now for other publicly-traded securities.
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    @jacobs makes sense, but I was hoping there would be a way to do it in the meantime. Even if it is not the ideal or end goal. Having a method that at least allows for some automation would be awesome. As manually entering the price is definitely not ideal. Further, if URL tracking is allowed it would allow you to automatically track any investment you want if you had your own API for an unknown security. Don't have a great example of this case however.
  • macshaughnessy3
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    In case anyone is curious about my script or is on Mac looking for some kind of automation to tracking the price of their Coinbase and Coinbase Pro coins here is a link:
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    I buy and hold crypto. I don't send or sell it. I am holding it like one would hold gold as a store of wealth. So I stopped buying crypto in in dollar amounts and started buying it in fractions of crypto to 3 or 4 decimal places. Buying .005 of bitcoin makes it much easier to track