Reconciling account old transactions, "posting date" is entire month later than download date

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I am reconciling transactions starting from 2016 in a still-active checking account. Automatic reconcile worked fine until I got to June-July 2018. Certain downloaded transactions were downloaded and "dated" correctly in mid-June, but the Quicken Automatic Reconcile window considered them "posted" a full month later in mid-July and would not recognize them as June transactions. Corresponding transactions downloaded and properly "dated" in mid-July weren't recognized by the Quicken Reconcile window, which considered them "posted" in mid-August. If I'm careful, I suppose I can keep track of these anomalies and work around them, but it partly defeats the value of using the Automatic Reconcile system. Any better solutions?


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    One can't control what Quicken downloads as the Downloaded Online Balance/Date.  If wrong, you can only workaround it, like you suggested.  If this is an ongoing problem, then you should report it as a problem to Quicken Support so that it can be escalated to see if it is a problem with a given financial institution or the connection type.  You should also report it using Help -> Report a problem.
    Contact Quicken Support

    One note would I like to mention.

    Automatic reconcile usually refers to the running of the reconcile automatically after the transactions are entered into the register using the online balance/date.

    This is a bit different than reconciling to the online balance, which you start the reconcile manually.

    If one is using automatic reconcile, they shouldn't be using automatic transaction entry mode (but can still reconcile to the online balance {provided it and its date are correct}).  The reason is because in automatic transaction mode you get a New/New Match status on the new transactions, and you can then review them for the correct category and such.  Automatic reconcile triggers before the user can review the transactions and clears the New/New Match status, and the reconcile is only looking at the amounts, not the categories.
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