Investing Portfolio view (Investment Account type by Taxable , Tax deferred & Tax Exempt grouping)

Investment accounts such as IRAs, 401K, Roth IRA, Roth 401K , Taxable or Brokerage accounts have different valuation based on its Tax factor

I would like to request Investment account grouping by Tax factor at least in USA ( I understand it might not be same in other Countries)

IRA , 401K = Tax Deferred accounts
Roth (IRA or 401K) = Tax Exempt ( Taxes are already paid and growth and principle grows tax free)
Brokerage Accounts = ( Taxable) : Dividends and realized cap gains are taxable for that tax year

Most of the financial planning tools lists out all the accounts in this way , even the Quicken financial planner used this future planing graph

I wish this type of grouping is available in Investing ( Portfolio grouping.)

Ofcourse it gets complicated with HSAs , 529 accounts , Manual Treasury Direct accounts and classifying but those could be approximated in to one of the 3 above situation .
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  • Jim_Harman
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    I have dealt with this by creating a separate view for each tax group - Taxable, Deferred, and Roth.

    If necessary, you could export each
    View to Excel and make a combined spreadsheet.
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