Quicken "Bank Pay" Delivery Date selection disabled? (Wells Fargo)

As of April 11, 2022 I can no longer select a delivery date when paying a bill. The only option is to enter a processing date and no way to tell when the delivery date will occur. I called Quicken Support and they claim the Bank did this. I called my bank (Wells Fargo) and they claim Quicken did this. Does anyone know if there is still a way to select a delivery date when paying a bill?

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    Hi @GreyEagle,

    It is difficult to know, from your post, which entity is actually processing and then paying your bills.  There are two possibilities - Quicken's bill payment service, or your bank's bill payment service. If you can clarify that - it will be very helpful.  Also, can you tell me which connection method you have with Wells Fargo (choices for this purpose are: Direct Connect, or Express Web Connect)?

    That being said, since you already contacted Quicken Support and they indicated that you needed to contact your bank, I think the most likely scenario is that your bank is the entity that processes and pays your bills.  And if that is true, then you do need to contact your bank again and make sure you talk to someone who is knowledgeable about the banks processes.


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    Frankx, Notice in the title of my post I use the term "Quicken Bank Pay" as opposed to Quicken Bill Pay. This is the terminology used by Quicken to pay bills through the bank pay system using Direct Connect ( https://help.quicken.com/display/MAC/Learn+about+Bank+Bill+Pay ). So yes I do use Direct Connect, and yes I did contact Quicken Support and yes I did contact Wells Fargo Support. Once again they point fingers at each other the the issue is unresolved. I scheduled a payment on Apr 10th and was able to select the delivery date. When I scheduled a payment on Apr 11th selecting a delivery date is disabled and the only option is to select a processing date. I'm trying to find out if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone has found a work-around.
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    GreyEagle said:
    Frankx, Notice in the title of my post I use the term "Quicken Bank Pay" as opposed to Quicken Bill Pay.
    I've updated the topic title to better reflect the actual Q&A -
    Also - as it appears this is your first Q&A posting - we are all peer level customers, and wording & semantics tends to become a guessing game sometimes....
    Can you log into the Wells Fargo online website, access your Bill payments, and adjust the payment date ?
    I happen to use Chase "bank pay" and have no problem sending payments into the future, and can also see them directly on the Chase online website in the bill payment area... and modify - but never had to.
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    When you state that using Quicken Bank Pay with Chase you can "send payments into the future", does this mean that in the Quicken Online Center you can select a specific "Delivery Date" as opposed to a "Processing Date"?

    For me, not being able to select a "Delivery Date" is a big game changer when utilizing online bill paying. Prior to April 11, when utilizing Quicken Bank Pay as an interface with Wells Fargo, and selecting a " Delivery Date" the bank would set a "Processing Date" to insure the delivery date was met. Some payments are sent via EFT (electronic funds transfer) which would take a day or two and some payments are sent via paper check using US mail taking 4 or 5 business days. I can't always tell which payment method the bank will use so thus cannot determine an accurate processing date. Of course I could just pay everything early and avoid the problem but this takes away a major advantage of using Quicken Bank Pay.

    To answer your question, when using Quicken Bank Pay as an interface with Wells Fargo I cannot log on to my bank account and get "Processing Date" and "Delivery Date" information. If I don't use Quicken and simply use Wells Fargo online bill pay system I think this information is available. I'm not totally sure since I haven't used their system in a long time.

    Thanks for your comments and please let me know if your Quicken Bank Pay / Chase set up still allows selecting a "Delivery Date". This will confirm that Wells Fargo caused the problem and not Quicken.
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