Endless "This is issue ongoing ... we apologize ... no ETA" admin posts.

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Anyone else exasperated by these admin messages that seem to be posted automatically and seem meant to avoid saying this problem will not be solved? They have been posting this message almost weekly since the new year--and I still can't import my web connect files, which means I have to transcribe hundreds of transactions before tax day.


  • Sherlock
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    There was a time when these alerts were only updated when there was something meaningful to add.  Unfortunately, many users complained they wanted updates at least once a week so here we are.  Moderators paste a meaningless post in every alert once a week.  We have this ability to be notified when an alert is updated but we're spammed if we use the feature because some number of users believe the post in some way means an issue hasn't been dropped.
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    What I always "love" about such announcements is the statement that "we don't have an ETA at this time".  I have yet to ever see an ETA posted by Quicken Inc or Intuit before them.  At least not until the users have already stated they got the fix!

    Why don't they just admit that they never give an ETA?
    I guess the answer lies in the fact that people keep asking for an ETA no matter how many times it has been stated that they don't give ETAs.
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