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I think the ability to search for reminders (key words or the names maybe) would be nice.  You can look in tthe biller name view, but you have to scroll down and it seems to have a bit of lag, also I don't think you can type a letter and it will jump to that (like type t and it will jump to the "t's".
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  • Reminder search would be very valuable!

    Recently I had to cancel a credit card for a fraudulent transaction. I had a number of regular bills scheduled to be paid with that card and I had to go through my extensive list of bill reminders line by line to pick out the payees that needed to be informed of the new account #! And they weren't all in the current or next month because some of the scheduled payments on that card were 6 month or 1 year subscriptions, etc.! It was a real chore that could have been SO EASY WITH A REMINDER SEARCH!!
  • NotACPA
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    Have you tried TOOLS, Manage Bill & Income Reminders?  I can look down my extensive list of reminders and tell immediately which Q account they use ... without such info being displayed.  I just know my Bills that well.
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  • Beijing Mac
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    Not --  that's a good reminder about the Tools menu option -- I often overlook that as I gravitate immediately toward the menu icons and tabs, but the Tools options do give you different features.  Having just looked at that, it would be a good feature to be able to either sort or filter by Account -- in the "Bills & Income" tab, Stack View, you can select accounts (all or a specific account).  Why can't that be added to the Tools / Manage Bill & Income Reminder window?  Seems like part of the coding is available.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I would be happy with a sortable "Account" column in the Bill & Income Reminders window.

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