Portfolio Value Report Errors

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I ran the Portfolio Value and Cost Basis report for one account to provide as an attachment to a tax return. The market value (Balance column) does not match the Account Overview for the same account. In a line-by-line comparison of over 150 securities in this account, all matched perfectly except for General Electric--$5,501.75 in the Account Overview (correct) and $40,059.15 in the Portfolio Value (incorrect).

As I reviewed earlier posts on similar issues, all that I reviewed closed without resolution, or by the user deleting and re-entering transactions. It is clear though that the logic used to generate the Portfolio Value and Cost Basis report is different from the logic used to produce the Account Overview.

Why not change the Portfolio Value report to use the same logic as the Account Overview, rather than having users first obtain false reports (that they may not know are false), then do a potentially excruciating search for the needle in a haystack, then forcing them to delete and re-enter transactions to do away with whatever quirk is causing the problem? I suspect it is due to a GE reverse stock split but I haven't changed any of my transactions yet. I'm just fortunate that I noticed the issue before I submitted the report as an IRS attachment. I'll use the Account Overview instead.


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    I have an issue of the Balance sheet report shows one stock that has an error in the market value, but in the account view the value is correct.
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