ATB Financial no longer supports Quicken

Since ATB launched its new website a month ago, downloads are only available for QuickBooks or in .csv format I was originally told that they'd be adding Quicken format downloads within a few weeks, but yesterday they told me they won't be supporting Quicken because Quicken doesn't do enough updates to keep up. Has anyone else heard this? Is there a work-around? I just paid for another year of Quicken.


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    On April 13th, I received this in an email from [email protected]

    My name is Jamie and I am an Experience Support Specialist here at ATB Financial. I am writing this email to you today to address some concerns you had regarding Quicken not being available as a file type on our new ATB Personal website.

    I definitely understand the frustration regarding this feature not being currently available! I do want to assure you that we do have confirmation that this feature will be added back to the platform. At this time we do not currently have an ETA as to when this will be.
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    I just checked the ATB website and QFX is back on the list of download file types.
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    Thank you for your post. I had received conflicting messages from ATB. Initially they said they're working on it, but two weeks ago they gave me a definitive answer that they will not be supporting Quicken - so I cancelled it. [Removed - 3rd-Party Reference], so I guess I'll renew my Quicken subscription.

    I just talked to someone in their tech department. They got lots of calls about this, so they renewed a contract with Quicken. There was also an email sent by Quicken last week to everyone telling them how they're improving their software to keep up with Financial Institutions. Coincidence? I think not.
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    I would suggest USES tread VERY CAREFULLY about assuming all is well now that ATB is "reviving" their support for QFX downloads. I have also seen that QFX as a download format has been added. Additionally, I would urge careful daily backups since they FORCED a change their web interface after March 31, 2022. It would appear to me that the campaign for users to "TRY the new interface" did not yield enough bug reports to substitute for lack of ATB's due diligence in debugging their own new releases, atbeginning of April, 2022.

    Please note that on a download as recent as today, ( May 03, 2022), I think that ATB is OFFSIDE in terms of switching this back on, as I have found that, although down loads are successfully added to a designated account register, the RECONCILE process in Quicken has been compromised, such that a "c" cleared status is NOT automatically updated to an "R" reconciled status during a successful "RECONCILE" session in Quicken. FURTHER. It appears that for ALL transactions updated in such a session do NOT have the contents of the CLR Status column recognized when updated manually with respect to ANY subsequent reconcile process in Quicken.

    This suggests to me that the file integrity for transactions downloaded anytime after the "REVIVED QFX DOWNLOAD CAPABILITY" that the QDF File database has been compromised following such a download.

    [I will provide a copy of a recent QFX download to Intuit to prove this out, if they show any interest in supporting us Canucks. From my limited visits to Quicken support, it appears to me that Canadian users are simply an annoyance, (while those that are taking over Quicken as a carefully crafted Canadian Asset are content to go in their own direction. (I would welcome a personal discussion with the current CFO, and will NOT consider investing any of my own hard earned money into shares associated with the ?continued? success of Quicken...

    My firmware: