Manual accounts changed to default currency?

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I've been using Quicken for almost 30 years, and for the past two years, since moving to the Dominican Republic, I've had both cash and savings accounts in Dominican Pesos. Obviously, the cash accounts have to be updated manually, but the same is true for my savings accounts since the Dominican bank doesn't support downloading transactions.

On Wednesday, I did my normal update, and my net worth had jumped by about $70,000 because the 70k in my DOP accounts, worth about $1,272, was now being counted as US dollars. In my account list, these accounts no longer showed as "RD$" and when I went to the currency list, it was completely empty! I was not able to add a currency there either.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken from a fresh download, but that didn't fix anything. Luckily, I back up frequently (more frequently now because I seem to have a lot more data file issues these days), so I restored from a backup made on Tuesday since that was the last time the accounts had reflected the correct currency. All of the transactions from the last few days were downloaded for my online accounts and got those current, and I just had to remember all the manual entries to the cash accounts.

Has anyone else had issues with the currency for accounts being changed? I saw some discussions about USD accounts at a Canadian bank, but this change had nothing to do with an outside entity - it was all Quicken!
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