Online Balances Not updating

pstadnik Member ✭✭
For multiple accounts: New transactions are downloading properly, but the "Online Balance" is not updating since April 6th. This means that the Reconciled Balance (from Downloaded Transactions) does not equal the Online Balance. I cannot reconcile.


  • rwgau
    rwgau Member ✭✭
    Same issue on my end. None the account balances are updating. Capital One, Chase, local credit union, etc.
  • pstadnik
    pstadnik Member ✭✭
    That's exactly my problem. Four credit cards from different providers, plus one credit union and one bank. All were updating properly until last week; no changes to my settings in the interim.
  • rwgau
    rwgau Member ✭✭
    I solved the issue on my end.... backup your data and then choose File->Validate and Repair->Validate File. All my online balances where correct when I ran the next update.
  • pstadnik
    pstadnik Member ✭✭
    That didn't work for me. Online balances on multiple accounts are not being updated; even though transactions are being properly downloaded.
  • Dick Blaine
    Dick Blaine Member ✭✭
    Same problem here. But after 10 minutes or so the on-line ballance updated to the correct amount?
  • Ps56k2
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    You all really need to share what version…
    .. Help —> About Quicken 
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • DiPsy
    DiPsy Member
    Same problem.
    Online balances on multiple accounts are not being updated; even though transactions are being properly downloaded.
    Wells Fargo accounts list the balance as of 4/1/22.
    Citibank account lists the balance as of 3/22/22.
    Venmo account lists the balance as of 3/22/22.
    Paypal account lists the balance as of 3/22/22.

    Quicken Deluxe
    Version: R40.21
    Windows 11 Home
  • rkramer
    rkramer Member ✭✭
    Same problem. Quicken Deluxe, Version R40.21, Build, Window 10 Home
  • rkramer
    rkramer Member ✭✭
    Spent time via chat, to get the following solution (pasted verbatim below). Took some time, but it worked for my roughly 10 bank/credit card accounts. Effectively, deactivate downloads (and clean out institution/account number info), then reactivate each account download.

    • Is your file saved in a cloud service?
    • Let’s talk about how Quicken datafiles & cloud drives (Dropbox, google drive, etc) work together. Data files should never be opened/ran from a cloud drive (this also includes network drives). Users should not be using their file off one of those drives because of the high risk of data loss & corruption to the file. This happens because a single file is being accessed by two applications simultaneously, and the Quicken file was not designed to run in such an environment. You should also never restore from cloud/network drive. Similar to our first point, the file will be accessed by two applications simultaneously. Make sure to always move the back up to local storage and restore from there. However, you CAN save a backup directly to the cloud/network drive.
    • What I recommend you to do sir, is copy the file and paste it on this location. Local Disk C: > Users > ( Select your user ) > Documents > Quicken ( if the folder is not there please create it)
    • Please deactivate the downloads of all of the accounts you are having issues with, Make sure to Show Hidden Accounts, if that option is available. Select the Tools> Account List > Edit (Next to the account name)> Online Services> Deactivate > go back to the General Tab > and Remove the Financial Institution name and account number
    • Go to File > Validate and Repair > Validate file> OK
    • Close the log file after it finishes and go to Tools> Add account> search the Financial Institution> Next> Enter your credentials You are going to have a list of all the accounts you have with this Financial Institutions, if the account is already on Quicken please make sure the account is LINK TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT
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