Reconcile account balances not correct after all current transactions marked.

My cleared balance is showing zero when all transactions for this period have been checked. This makes it so you can not balance or reconcile that months statement. It has also shown the cleared balance do not match (exp. transaction total $332.96 and cleared balance is $304.42. It has also shown different date for the Transaction date and the Posting date. (exp. transaction date 2/2/2022 and the Posting date 10/2/2021. I have been using Quicken for many years and now I am running into this issue. I have gone back over 6 months plus statements and cannot find any discrepancies. These are from the window after entering the data to do a reconcile, such as the statement end date, purchases, etc. I am using Windows 10 Quicken Home 39.23 version, build I have spent a lot of time trying to find this error. It's to big to try and fix it with an account balance adjustment.
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