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Editing or adding a security price is a hassle. Click on Portfolio, click on security, click on edit security, click on Price History, click and change the date, click in closing price, enter data, click on Add, Click on Done. 9 steps!! In QM2007, I could go to an overall security view, change the date, see ALL the securities at once, and edit the prices for that day for any security. It was a 3-click process, not 9. I would go back to QM2007 if I could.
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  • jacobs
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    There is an existing Idea post for the ability to enter security prices directly in the Portfolio view, as in Quicken 2007. Although that idea shows a status of "Under Consideration", a comment by the former Quicken Mac product manager suggested such a feature might be coming sooner rather than later, so I expect you will not have long to wait to see this addressed. 
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