Why will Fidelity data suddenly stop downloading after 4/14?

All worked well through 4/14/2022. No transaction/totals download since then. I am suing Version 6.3.2 build 606.43218 on a Mac running 12.3.1

How do I get it going properly again?


  • Vesparado
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    That should have been "using"
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Is there a reason you haven't updated beyond version 6.3.2? I don't know if it affects your Fidelity issues, but I know they were making some back-end changes a short while back which required people to be on version 6.4 or later.

    That said, I'd note that April 15 was Good Friday and markets were closed, so it's perhaps not surprising that you don;'t have transactions past April 14. Wait until after tomorrow and see if you get any new data to download.
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