Can I just see Notes from split only without being preceded by Memo/Notes from total transaction?

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Discussion Item entitled "reporting splits: memo/notes vs. total field" outlines how the Memo/Notes field is compiled in a report. While this may be helpful to some, it makes the field unnecessarily long and often confusing to others reviewing the report (especially those unfamiliar with Quicken). Is there a way to display only the Notes from the split? Maybe a check box, similar to the one under Register Preferences displaying Long- or Short-Category names, but I can't seem to find it. Right now I have to export to Excel, and then with a lot of work extract out the portion to the right of the colon (:).
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    Here's the referenced discussion:

    I don't see any way to change this at this time. I've changed it to an Idea topic so folks can vote on it.
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    I figured that was the case. Many thanks for putting it out there so quickly as an idea topic.

    My wife is the Trustee of her mother's Trust, and I assist with financial reports that go out to the family on an annual basis. If the Memo/Notes field went out as-is, readers would be scratching their heads and asking questions. The final reports, after being massaged in Excel, are clear and concise with reasonable column widths (without wrapping text).