One Step Update Errors with JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Account

I am having issues with the authentication process in the One Step Update process for JPMorgan Chase Bank (mortgage account).

ISSUE PART 1: Requesting & Providing the Authentication Code

When attempting the One Step Update, the user is prompted to authenticate the account: The user gets this message:

>> JPMorgan Chase Bank Account Access
>> JPMorgan Chase Bank requires that you enter more information to connect.

The User selects desired mail or cell phone #.

PROBLEM: CELL OPTION NOT WORKING - I selected my cell phone. Nothing happens, just churns. Tried again with same results. Issues: (1) No code is texted and (2) the screen does not change to enable the user to enter the code even if they had received one.

WORK AROUND: EMAIL OPTION IS WORKING - If I try the authentication process again and this time select an email address, (1) the code is emailed and (2) a new screen appears which prompts user to enter the ID code.

ISSUE PART 2: Additional Errors After Entering Authentication Information

When the code provided via email is entered into the screen, the One Step Update process continues, but a new error results:

>> Connectivity Problems
>> JPMorgan Chase Bank
>> Chase Mortgage x####
>> This error could also occur if there is a temporary server issue.
>> Update Now | Next (troubleshoot)

I clicked "Update Now" - system shows "Success"

BUT then on the next screen (One Step Update Summary) it shows an error message:

>> JPMorgan Chase Bank
>> Quicken is unable to update your account. This may be bcause the account was closed, or its nickname was changed.

[Neither has occurred]