In Quicken HBR, How do you set-up one person to rent more than one property?

In Quicken home, business & rentals, How do you set up one person to rent more than one property?

Where do you add their Move-In date for each property? How About the Deposit for each property? What about the rent amount for each property? What if the due date for property A is on the 1 and for property, B is on the 15?

When you set up a Tenant, Quicken assumes the relation is One Tenant to One Property.

Quicken also assumes that your history with that Tenant ends with that rental.

So if a person rents your property from 2000 to 2001, leaves, and the returns in 2005, in order for you to keep that history (move-in date, move-out date, deposits, returns) you will need to create a new Tenant with his information, but add a number to his last name, to differentiate the two rentals and preserve the history. Also if They rent Property A, for one Year, and Property B, for another you have the same issue.

How are you guys handling this? (besides entering again the same info for a tenant and adding a number in their last name)


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    Why is adding a number to the last name (or a middle initial) so onerous?  Seems pretty simple to me.
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