bug: inconsistent results for two tiles in new dashboard

The tiles "Portfolio Value" and "Net Worth" in the new Dashboard give different results. For a closed and hidden mutual fund account, the Net Worth tile shows over time the value of the mutual fund account. But the Portfolio Value tile excludes the account and its value over time.

The result is that Net Worth appears correctly - as desired - whereas the Portfolio Value for exactly the same mutual fund and time span, show no value. (And both are selected for "include hidden account").

To me this is a bug. When displaying the same account value over time, I would expect to see the same value both as Net Worth and as Portfolio Value.

Also, when selecting which accounts to include in the display, I would expect those accounts to then be displayed.

Btw this happens the same way in Reports as it does in the Portfolio Value tile.


  • bkaczmarek
    bkaczmarek Member ✭✭
    Still an issue. In other words, if you choose SHOW HIDDEN ACCOUNTS, the tile nonetheless Excludes hidden accounts. That is the bug.