Bill Payment Amounts using Bill Pay

Currently, Bill Pay pulls the minimum amount and balance due on the account and displays on the Projected Balance view.  There is a 3rd amount that is important but display of this value is limited and is over written if a refresh of the biller occurs.  I would suggest that amounts for the biller be changed to display 3 amounts - Minimum due per Biller, Balance due per Biller, and the Reminder or Planned payment amount.  This planned amount would not get overridden when a refresh occurs.  The best example for this is a biller where promotional balances are carried.  There is a biller minimum amount due.  I routinely calculate the minimum payment required per month to ensure promotional balances are paid by the promotional expiration date.  This amount becomes the reminder payment amount and routinely will not change until a promotional balance is paid off or a new balance is added.  All 3 amounts being displayed allows for a quick review and change if necessary for cash flow purposes.
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