Matching downloaded transactions to investment account transfers

For investment accounts, is it possible to match downloaded transactions to transfers?

Here's my situation: I have two investment accounts (traditional and Roth IRAs) at Schwab (for backdoor Roth IRA purposes). I transfer money from my checking account into the traditional IRA account; later I transfer money from the traditional IRA account into the Roth IRA account. I first reflect those transactions (using automated transactions in Quicken) as transfers; this means that a transfer into an investment account is reflected as a ContribX transaction, and a withdrawal is reflected as a WithdrawX transaction. When Quicken downloads the corresponding transactions, it reflects the transfer in as a Deposit transaction and a withdrawal as a Withdraw transaction. I'm unable to find a way to match the Deposit transaction to the ContribX transaction, nor can I find a way to match the Withdraw transaction to the WihtdrawX transaction. When I try to manually match a downloaded transaction, Quicken says "There are no transactions to match."


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    If the accounts are setup for download, all transactions (including transfers) should download and match.
    SO, are these not downloading?  Or are they in the account but not matching?
    If the latter, what differs between the downloaded transaction and the transfer?  Because mine (at Fidelity) certainly match.
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