2FA prompt locks up in the background regularly

Some of my bank accounts started requiring 2FA logins when updating them in Quicken. This is annoying, but understandable, so I do it.

One of the byproducts of this process is that during the day, while Quicken is apparently running in the background to update accounts and the 2FA prompt will trigger in the background , so I never see it. Somehow, this always ends up with the 2FA prompt greyed out and locked up (and unusable) which I discover when I try to open Quicken to use it. Since I am now unable to enter anything into the 2FA prompt to proceed with logging into Quicken, I must go to my task manager and kill the Quicken process completely before re-logging in and starting over. This has been going on for at least a year or more.

See example of greyed out, locked prompt: https://snipboard.io/kXdeHf.jpg

I have turned off background updates to try to avoid this, but it keeps happening.

How can I remedy this irritating problem?


  • efishinsea
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    update: view example of failure here: https://snipboard.io/3mT5Sq.jpg
  • NotACPA
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    What's the rest of that "Credit Union requires that you enter more information ..." message.
    Other than that, it took quite a while to load  on a fast computer with a fast connection.
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  • efishinsea
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    The "rest" ? The message is all there, and the screenshot is a simple, small JPG that should load instantly on even the slowest of computers.

    Regardless of any error message, the point is that I cannot enter anything as the 2FA prompt is greyed out and disabled.