Truist Direct Connect STILL not working.

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Apparently, no amount of time on the phone with Truist Digital Support and Quicken Customer Support will do any good. I even did a 3-way call that lasted over an hour in addition to the no less than 4 calls with each company....altogether probably 10 hours of phone time...trying the same things over and over.

My Quicken windows file has 6 bank accounts and is over 25 years old and always worked seamlessly with Suntrust. This merger has been a disaster for me. I have open tickets with both companies. For 2 weeks now Truist can only tell me it is being worked on and Quicken says it is 100% Truist's fault ("we don't have access to their servers"). [Removed - Speculation] The merger was announced 2 years ago. Was that not enough time?

I guess I have to give up on Quicken after so many years and just use Truist's online banking which does not have the level of category sophistication I like but...what other choice do I have?

By the way, it worked perfectly 1 time in early April after the initial direct connect fix happened. The log file says something about a Tag issue.


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    This IS a Truist problem, and only they can fix it.  Using Direct Connect,  the bank is SOLELY responsible for the content of the download.  And, Q Support can not indeed access Truist's servers.
    Why don't you dump Truist instead and find a bank that actually supports Q.  I've left several banks/cards/etc when they downgraded their Q connectivity.

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    Well, I disagree. Yes, Truist bears the burden of the lion's share of the problem...BUT...there IS a problem and it can ONLY be fixed when Truist and Q 's IT folks get together and make it happen. Truist has not been able to do it alone. Q has become silent on the matter which is disheartening.