File operations break Express Web Connect downloads

I started a similar thread a while back on this issue but it got off topic and locked.  But the issue still exists.

Restoring a backup, performing a validate, or performing a file copy stops all EWC accounts from updating.  Some will give the "account deleted, this may happen if you restored a backup file after disabling online services" CC-800 error (which is not what I'm doing, when I restore a file I have not disabled any online service), others will give no error at all, just stop updating.  Some accounts will get the orange circle with a line through it, some don't, and it isn't consistent which ones get it.

The only way to fix is to disable online services for ALL EWC accounts, validate the file, sign out of quicken ID, close quicken, reopen, and re-enable all EWC accounts.  This is a lengthy process and unnecessary file validations are not good either.  Validate does report an error fixed on each EWC account.

My guess is there is some sort of key between the client and the Quicken Server and that key gets out of synch or invalidated when these file operations are performed?  Maybe something gets incremented/modified each time you do an update, and when you restore the backup, it no longer knows the latest iteration of that counter or key etc.

This started with an update sometime in the last 4-6 months I believe, don't remember the exact timeframe.

I got a new laptop recently (since first seeing the issue), fresh install of windows 10 and quicken, but still same issue, so issue is not related to a corrupted install etc.  Interestingly, when I did that, I copied my quicken file off the old laptop to new laptop and it had no issues at all.  But I'm assuming that is because it was still the current file with the current counter/key.  What I haven't tried is copying the file, doing an update or something, then re-opening the old file to see if it is now broken.  Too much hassle to fix stuff if it is broken.