Wanting to know if others are experiencing issues related to the recent rollout of V40.21?

timster Member
I have been maintaining my Windows Quicken Desktop version and keeping it current for several years. The latest recent updates have caused some issues.

I lost all of my past Budget data and had to create a new one for 2022. I am also not able to sync to the Cloud app at at for the past 24 hours. I keep getting the general error: "Internal sync error. Please try again later." This sync process had been working well for the past 2 months...after I went through several iterations to get this aligned and working as expected.

The latest version has also crashed on me 3 times in one day. I have also ran the data validation process recently and nothing serious was identified.

I am just looking for evidence of a known problem so I do not waste any more of my time troubleshooting this black box sync process. Thanks in advance for any information.


  • timster
    timster Member
    One other note -- I am aware of the following process to reset the cloud data: "Select Edit > Preferences..., Mobile & Web, and Reset your cloud data". Running this process renders me having to drop connections for several accounts and recreate them each time since these accounts would not sync after the data reset. That was my experience in first setting this up.
  • timster
    timster Member
    Well I ended up resetting t he cloud data again and as predicted I had to deactivate and reactivate all of the accounts again. I hope to not have to perform this routine each time the sync process decides to randomly fail.
  • Wally1974
    Wally1974 Member
    Once the upgrade to V40.21 happened, quicken told me quicken file was corrupted and would not open. I had to restore a backup from 3 days ago. Also, I have not been able to get one step update to work since then. This is after resetting my cloud data to no avai (and then signing out and in of the cloud also to no avail). My one step update process hangs up on "processing data" and program stops responding altogether requiring task manager to stop the process. It's frustrating...... Anyone have anything similar?