How to get rid of a ghost scheduled paycheck reminder?

I was having an issue with a duplicate paycheck popping up, so I deleted it's income reminder and started a new one with a slightly different name.

It didn't go away. Now I get my new paycheck entries plus my old reminder is still out there automatically entering itself into my register.

My income reminder only shows the new redefined paycheck

How can I get rid of the old one?
Using the latest version R40.21, Build



  • NotACPA
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    Have you tried
    • TOOLS, Manage Bill & Income reminders,
    • click the "All Bills and Deposits" tab,
    • select the errant  paycheck, click Edit to the far right of that transaction,
    • click "Edit this instance and all future instances" and DELETE
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  • mcor
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    It's not on the list.
  • crwalejr
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    You might try validating your file.  Be sure and make a backup first.