How do I fix a damaged security listing?

I have two listings for VCADX. In the first listing everything is shifted by one column so the Security column is blank and the name is displayed under Symbol. Symbol is displayed under CUSIP ID, etc. The second instance of VCADX is listed correctly but the bulk of the transactions are in the first corrupted listing. Tried Super Validating but did not fix it. Any ideas most appreciated. Thanks!


  • NotACPA
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    I'd suspect program corruption rather than  data corruption.
    What BUILD of Q  are you running? So I can  point you  to  the  MONDO  patch to address  this. BUILD can be  found at HELP,  About  Quicken.
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  • Art_M
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    Thank you, I'm on
  • Art_M
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    Updated to the latest Mondo patch version R40.21 but it did not fix the problem.