"UNSPECIFIED ACCOUNT" no longer shown


I recently deleted one of my checking accounts. Upon deletion, that account number was replaced with "UNSPECIFIED ACCOUNT" (I believe). That's perfectly fine.

Now, however, the value "UNSPECIFIED ACCOUNT" has a null value (blank) in my "CATEGORY" field.

I tried to use FIND/REPLACE for blank/null values. Apparently, however, that doesn't seem to work in Quicken (i.e., I can't search for blank values).

My question: How can I manually replace the blank/null value in the CATEGORY field with again something like "DELETED ACCOUNT"?



  • skydivetom
    skydivetom Member ✭✭
    ... never mind. I figured it out. That is, I scrolled to the bottom of the listbox and noticed a DEFAULT BLANK value. Used that option to execute the "Find/Replace".