20 years of S&P TSX Composite Index data disappear in new Canadian 40.23 update

JosefW Member ✭✭
As a Canadian Investor I mainly compare my own investment account performance against the S&P TSX Composite Index. I have data going back more than 20 years for this index.
After updating my Canadian version of Quicken for Windows to the new 40.23 today, I noticed that even though the TSX Index is still listed on the "Investing - Performance" screen, the data line was completely flat - no data.
When I go to "Tools" and open "Security List" at the bottom of the window is a box that reads "Choose Market Indexes". Selected indexes here will show as a comparison tool in the "Investing - Performance" screen. The Canadian indexes (OSPTX, OSPVX) seem to have disappeared.

Luckily I created a Restore point in Windows before updating to 40.23 and was able to restore it to the 33.7 version which still correctly displayed my S&P TSX Composite Index to the Performance comparison screen.

In the 40.23 version the TSX Composite check box selection still appeared in the Performance comparison screen. When I selected it it told me it would only download 5 years of data (I have 20 plus years in my previous version). However when I clicked this to try and download this data nothing happened and the data line remained flat.

In 33.7 I had the S&P TSX Composite Index listed under "Security List" using the symbol "OSPTX" and listed as a "Market Index". I did not try to re-add this in the security list in 40.23.

I would like to try running 40.23 separately from the my current 33.7 version to try to see if I can figure out this TSX Index problem.

Is there a way to run both versions on the same computer in different locations for both program and data files?