Budget planning view and budget report don't match

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My "actual" tax free investment interest (_IntIncTaxFree) shows up in my current budget report under that category, but it doesn't show in that category on the budget planning view. Instead, in the planning view it shows up in the Interest Income category (_IntInc). It downloads from the broker as _IntInc and Quicken won't let me change that, but those securities are set up as "Tax free" and it shows as tax free income in tax summary reports as well as the budget report. So my report and my planning view don't match. Why is this? I also have other _IntInc so that muddies the water. I adjusted my budget planning view to include both in _IntInc, but then the report shows a discrepancy. If I separate it out in the planning view, that will show a discrepancy, but the report will be right. I usually use the planning view monthly, it's quick and easy, so it would be nice if it were accurate. If the report "sees" it as tax free, why doesn't the planning view?


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    Oh--I subscribe to Quicken Windows, always updated.
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