Windows Quicken R40.21 Freezes during One-step update, Cloud Sync, and Shut Down

Accounts include many investment institutions and banks for about 32 accounts over 12 institutions using Express Web and Direct connections - and one "Express Web+".

Recently, Quicken started to freeze repeatedly, to the point that shutting down by Task Manager "end task" was the "normal" means of closing the application. Hours and hours of phone tech support did not get me any closer to resolution and I finally told them I was through.

To resolve this issue, I disconnected each and every account from the one-step institution connection, and then reconnected them one by one, followed by a One-Step update to verify that connection was actually working.

When it came time to reconnect one savings account, it failed with "Wrong Institution" which was strange, AND this was a connection marked "Express Web Connect+". Only Schwab uses this Web+, and sure enough, under Account Details, the Financial Institution was "Charles Schwab & Co, Inc." instead of the savings institution. After setting the institution correctly, One-step started working again.

So - If you experience a Freeze on a regular basis with either Cloud Sync or One-Step, check the financial institution settings on Accounts to verify they haven't been switched as this seems to have been the root cause for the freese.

Quicken: PLEASE provide better troubleshooting and reporting tools that provide illumination into these types of problems instead of repeated copies and restarts and whatnot that do not materially correct or identify problems.

'Nuff Said!