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Instead of creating a new product for budgeting and asking for another subscription, why not build the functionality of Simplifi into Quicken Mac. The time spent developing it could be better spent on all the Quicken Mac product ideas/bugs.
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  • jacobs
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    @bobluck Quicken Simplifi isn't a separate budgeting application to use in addition to Quicken desktop. I don't think the company expects users to use both Quicken desktop and Simplifi. It's a completely separate personal finance application for people who prefer to have all their data in the cloud and use a web browser or app. It doesn't have all the depth and features of legacy Quicken desktop programs, but it's aimed at a different market of users, and is expanding the user base of the company. 

    As for Quicken Mac, there are definitely a number of budget features which users have been asking for. The former product manager explained at one point that the budget code was complex, and adding new features was going to require them to have to re-write a lot of the code for the budget portion of the program. We have no idea if they're currently working on that or if it remains off in the future.

    I suggest you look over the list of existing budget feature requests for Quicken Mac and add your votes and comments to the ones you think would be most useful. Your post here suggesting they make budgeting better is just too vague and won't get attention, but some of the specific budget feature requests seem likely to be implemented, and more votes can help push them up the developers' priority list.
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