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The graphics on Windows feels very 90s. This doesn't have a retro feel as much as a refusal to update with the times. Also, it is a shame that the Mac version has more updated feel than the Windows even though the Mac version has less features.
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  • Ps56k2
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    A Brown said:   This doesn't have a retro feel as much as a refusal to update with the times.
    So - you would prefer they work on making it look pretty vs just making it work ?

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  • A Brown
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    > @Ps56k2 said:
    > So - you would prefer they work on making it look pretty vs just making it work ?

    In this section of the Display/UI, yes, it should look pretty. I am not disregarding any other aspects that need attention, just stating a suggestion under this particular section. Against all the other personal financial apps that are on the market, I think Quicken is by far the best. However, those apps that have less functionality/features look more appealing because of better UIs. So, if Quicken wants more traction and longevity, then looking prettier would help.

    Also this depends on your definition of "work" under the Display/UI section. Is Quicken functional in terms of looks? Yes, but for tech, it is at least 25 years old, which I think is a hindrance and takes away from looking at other issues.
  • Chris_QPW
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    If you were to ask the Quicken Windows developers they would tell you that they have been "modernizing" Quicken for years now.  What do you think the new Dashboards and such are?
    Not to mention the terrible "fake main window" so that they can put the search on the top bar where it shouldn't be.

    To really change all of this would be a total rewrite, and that isn't going to happen.
    Quicken Mac has a lack of features because it is a total rewrite.  That rewrite started in 2007 and isn't complete to this day.  If they did that in Quicken Windows they would go out of business.  Intuit made next nothing on Quicken Mac from about 2007 to 2014 because people wouldn't pay for it with the sever lack of features it had.  And those features took a very long time to be put pack in, just to get to a point that some people would pay for it.

    If wasn't for the fact that their big money maker (as far as Quicken is concerned, which was a drop in the bucket for Intuit) it is Quicken Windows, and there isn't any way they can afford to cut off that income stream for any length of time.  And doing it in parallel assumes that they have to pretty much double the workforce and cost.  People already complain about the cost of Quicken.

    So, it is always going to be change a part of Quicken at a time, and there are going to be parts that are so integral, and complicated like the register that they aren't going to make any significant changes to them.
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  • nycaleksey
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    It would be really great to hear from Quicken development team in the form of a blog or something similar and to learn more about QWin internals. I have a feeling that the product is built on some ancient proprietary UI engine and the software does feel like 90s. It is also very slow for me, although I have two negative factors for performance - my data file is 218mb (goes back to 2009) and I'm running Quicken in emulation mode in Windows 11 ARM under Parallels on Mac M1 Max, so the code has to go through multiple layers of abstraction - and it shows.

    If I was leading the development of this product I would definitely consider a total rewrite based on more modern and optimized engine. There is no reason for a customer on modern hardware to wait 10 seconds in UI for updating a transaction.