Missing transaction downloads with PNC Bank charge card when using Express Web Connect

I have been living with this for years! I will be missing some transactions that have already cleared the bank but can't seem to get them to download to Quicken. I just manually put in the transaction to reconcile the account. Is there some reason that this occurs?


  • Tom Young
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    The somewhat non-helpful answer, and a bit of a guess at that, is the use of Express Web Connect (EWC) as the downloading method as opposed to the more reliable Direct Connect (DC) method.  Financial institutions have to pay Quicken a fee to use DC, so to save money many financial institutions have stopped using it in favor of EWC, which is more error-prone.
    You might see if you can switch from EWC to DC since PNC Bank seems to support both methods:
    04501    04501    04501    PNC Bank - Direct Connect    https://www.pnc.com/    800-762-2035    https://www.onlinebanking.pnc.com/alservlet/SignonInitServlet?HttpLevel=128    ACTIVE    BANKING,ACCOUNTINFO,PAYMENT&DIRECT              BANKING,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    07138    07138    07138    PNC Bank - Web Connect    http://www.pnc.com/    1-888-762-2265    https://www.onlinebanking.pnc.com/alservlet/SignonInitServlet?HttpLevel=128    ACTIVE         BANKING,CREDIT&WEB-CONNECT         BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    though there might be fees involved with DC.
    Since Schwab has switched from DC to "EWC+" (another "flavor" of EWC) I've certainly experienced the exact same behavior you've described.