Deactivate and reactivate all accounts at one time at bank or credit union

Quicken needs to allow the user to change or deactivate/reactivate all accounts at the same time at a bank or credit union where the user has more than one account. At this time, each separate account must be changed, one at a time. I have more than a dozen accounts, so it took a bit of time to change them all. It would have been much easier if there was an option to change all of the accounts at a specific credit union with just a small set of clicks instead of doing the accounts each separately. You could have the option to decide which bank or credit union the user wants to deactivate and then reactivate, and then give the user a list of the accounts at that bank or credit union so the user can choose which account(s) to take the action with. Then, show the deactivate activity for each account as the action proceeds in Quicken. This would be immensely helpful to the user, and Quicken already has all the info internal to the user accounts that it needs to do the job.
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