Memorized Payee Split Order Changes for no reason, any idea why? (Q Win Canada, R 40)

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Hi, I still enter most of my transactions manually. I have Quicken set to memorize my Payees so the next entry is quicker. Most of my transactions have multiple Split items, even if its only 2, the item category & a Tax category. One thing that frustrates me is when I go to enter a new transaction the split order is changed. IE, I prefer to have the Tax category as the last item all the time, but Quicken will move it to the first split item.

Why does it do this? Do I have a setting somewhere set incorrectly that makes it do this. Very frustrating. Thanks


  • NotACPA
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    What Q product are you running and what BUILD of Q?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    Is this happening in multiple accounts?  What type of account(s).
    And, I split many transactions also ... and I'm not seeing this.
    And there's no "setting" as this shouldn't be happening.
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  • Shannon101
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    Version R40.28. Build Canada. I mostly notice it in credit card accounts.
  • Shannon101
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    Would love to have someone from Quicken monitoring this community. I think this is a bug that was introduced with a recent update. I have seen a couple other threads complaining about same thing. I haven't changed any of my configuration in many years of use, yet this has started happening.