USAA - Active One Step Update finds only inactive account, not the active one

In the last 8 months USAA changed my credit card number. I used the card for the first time since the change in the last week. I logged on to the USAA site and could see the new transactions and the last four of the new credit card number.

When I tried to update in Quicken (before making any changes to the Quicken account info), it reached the USAA account and said it successfully downloaded 1800 days worth of transactions, but not the recent ones. I realized it was connected to the old account number, something that I can't see when I log on to the USAA site. When I tried to do a reset, and had Quicken obtain the USAA Access ID and PIN from the "Activate One Step Update" screen, Quicken connects to USAA and says "We found the following accounts," but it's the old one.


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    1. Deactivate the account from  download
    2. Delete the account number in the Account Details dialog
    3. Close Q and Reopen Q
    4. Reactivate the account with the new account number.
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