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My wife and I have Quicken on our separate systems, but all the data files are on my system and the two systems are fully shared one with the other. In doing updates we get messages indicating Quicken doesn't like that. Why? It is logical since we do not want our financial records out in someone else's cloud. Our preference would be to have our own data file on our own system, and share the Household Accounts data file only, but Quicken doesn't appear to like that approach. Any suggestions? How do others handle this issue?


  • NotACPA
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    Q doesn't like for its data files to be accessed over any network.  All it takes is for a connection from her computer to hiccup during a write operation, and your data file becomes irretrievable toast.
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    It sounds like you want 3 data files, 2 personal and 1 household?  I know it sounds like the perfect solution to have a shared household data file on the network, but as @NotACPA mentioned, it's not good idea.  Usually, it will seem to be working, but when you notice strange things happening, file corruption has already damaged your file.  You then may have no recourse but to find and restore a backup file that is before the corruption. 

    IMHO, If possible, I think it would be better if you or your wife take sole responsibility for the household data file on one computer only, and not shared over the network.
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